Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Get Free Flipkart/Amazon Vouchers by Taking Suveys

Valued opinions is a website where you get paid by vouchers for taking surveys. I have used it and this website is legit. You will receive surveys by the email address you provide. Every completed survey will add up to your earnings. When the amount is Rs. 400, you can redeem it as Flipkart/Amazon voucher. You may use it to buy anything of the amount of the voucher. Valued Opinions is perfect for you if you have an internet connection and have some free time. As the name suggests, they do 'value' your opinion and time. You should be an Indian resident and minimum age to join is 16 years. So, what are you waiting for, Sign up on Valued Opinions

7 March 2017

Sayso is another survey panel. Sign up on
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

360 Total Security - The Best Free Antivirus

I was fed up with all those viruses ruining my computer. I have tried many anti viruses, most of them were not really efficient. Some of them was not able to detect all viruses, and others were making too much false detections. A friend of mine suggested me to use 360 Total Security. 360 Total Security is the best Antivirus software I've ever used. It helped me get rid of all the virus infections from my computer. After using it, I thought I should definitely blog about it. I'm gonna run through the features.

360 TS has got everything an antivirus needs. Actually there's more! 360 TS not only protects your computer, it can speed up your computer by optimizing start up services and programs. There's also a clean up feature that allows you to delete junk files and free up disk space. The patch up feature allows you to easily download and install security updates and other important updates to ensure the security of your computer. You can run risky programs in the Sand box to avoid it from causing harm to your computer. The sand box also allows you to restrict network access of the software you run in Sand box. The browser protection feature will prevent other programs from changing your homepage/search engine in your browser or your default browser. You can also download the optional Firewall which is free version of the Glasswire firewall. 360 TS is a multi engine anti virus. That means if you want, you can download virus definitions of Avira and Bitdefender from the 360 Total Security's website. All these for free? You don't believe it? Try it yourselves!

And what's the best thing about it? 360 TS has got an excellent tech support. I contacted their Facebook page and got reply within a day. It doesn't get any better than this! Go to 360 Total Security Website to download it for free. Do you know about a better antivirus software? Tell us about it in comments.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Virus Infections And What To Do About Them

From my experience, there is no anti virus program that can protect your computer perfectly. Today's viruses are disabling anti viruses itself. I'm not saying that you  should not use an anti virus. I highly recommend you use one, let it be free or paid. You are not done yet! The anti virus program must be updated to deliver the best protection. And I see, still viruses can get away from these anti viruses. Check this list to find if your computer is infected

Common symptoms:

  • Unknown entries in the start up list of Windows
  • Executable files getting created when you run programs (This can also happen in removable medias)
  • Files/folders in removable media disappears
  • Programs functioning weird (failing to start/crashing/hanging up)
  • You see multiple processes of the programs in task manager (eg. When you run Mozilla Firefox, you see more than one instance of firefox.exe in task manager's processes list)
  • Random programs using your internet connection

Virus affected anti virus:

  • Anti virus not starting at Windows start up 
  • Anti virus program can't run
  • Anti virus protection gets disabled
  • Security exceptions for programs/IP addresses get created in them without your knowledge
  • Virus scans do not detect any malware (this also may occur if your computer is not infected)
  • Virus scans detecting all files as malwares

Well, that is the list of symptoms I've seen. And I have removed all of them. I have tried many anti virus programs. All of them worked fine, but couldn't detect all of the viruses. I've tried Avast, AVG, Malware bytes Anti Malware. They were able to detect and remove most virus infections. But couldn't protect themselves against the viruses. You'll come across this situation now or then, it's true. There is no perfect anti virus.

But, there is one program can help you when all anti virus programs fail: Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. It can remove virus infections completely from your computer. But it is not a replacement to an anti virus program. Updated versions are available every month or so. And the best thing about it: it's free!

Go to Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool download page

Run a customized scan on the system drive (C:).

It may take hours to complete scan, but it does the job! If you want, you could also do a full system scan which is what they recommend. And don't forget to use an updated anti virus program. Which anti virus programs are you using? Share your experiences with anti viruses and viruses.
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Friday, April 17, 2015

7 Mistakes You Make That Could Damage Your Computer

I know you'll be curious with the title of the post. The title itself is a warning guys, never try to see if it is true. I have run into or seen all these situations.

Fake virus pranks are fun. But, it doesn't always end happily. You probably be using batch programs. It is possible to format, shutdown, copy and do all kinds of crazy things with them. So, you have to know what you are doing.

Remove and add drive address from the Disk management, you have crashed the boot loader. The Windows will work normally, until you shutdown. But when you start your computer next time, it won't start up. You will have to use the Windows disc to repair it.

Formatting the system drive from another Operating System you installed side by side to Windows. This is similar to the above scenario. But one difference, you would have to reinstall Windows. Even if you had two versions of Windows, without bootloader none would work.

You also have to be careful when repartitioning the hard disk. One wrong click to lose it all!

Ending system processes can be fun! Sometimes it can crash your computer too! Some processes shows a warning sign that "Acess Denied". But some can be ended using TasK Manager. The dwm.exe process is the Desktop Window Manager process. If you end that process the screen will black out and becomes noramal within a second or two. It is not the same with all the processes. Some processes can seriously affect your computer. Ending system processes can mess up your internet connection, sometimes may crash your computer instantly. I don't want you guys to try this. I'm sure that you will end up with interesting results.


Deleting system files can also end in messing up the whole system. Most probably you would have to reinstall Windows to fix system files missing. That is why it is good to turn on "Hide protected operating system files" in Folder options. Thus we can avoid accidental deletion of system files.

Connecting removable storage media to a computer without anti-virus. What harm can a virus do to a computer? You have no idea about that! A virus infected. my system from a usb storage device or software. It caused system start up failure. I had to reinstall Windows to fix things. Well, this happened several times. The virus is still on my computer. Of course we don't want this to happen. I had anti-virus installed when my computer was infected. So, now you know that keeping it updated is also important.

Configuring the component services should be done with care. Search on the internet before stopping or changing its start up settings. Wrong settings can result can cause failure of peripheral devices and maybe Windows features.

If you already got in trouble, read my computer troubleshooting posts:

Computer Hardware problems Checklist and How to Fix Them

How to Fix Windows Start up Failure

The issues I listed in these post can cause temporary/permanent damage to your computer or software. So, please try to avoid attempting them.
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Friday, April 3, 2015

How to Remove Adwares From Mozilla Firefox

Adwares are programs that shows advertisements when you use them. They can be softwares which may be not free. If you use that software they would show advertisements in them. Most of the legit softwares remove that advertisements if you pay for that software. They usually not harmful to users. But, There are also malwares which install these programs without your permission. The reason why I'm writing this post is that, I came across this situation once. When I use Mozilla Firefox, I was seeing advertisements all over. It was from an installer of a software. But the installer didn't install the software I wanted. Anyway I got free advertisements in my browser. I got to tell you, it was very difficult to use the browser like that.

If you want to remove that adware, remove the software that came from. If you don't know which is that software, just restore to a recent restore point using Backup and Restore in Windows.

If the adware is integrated to Mozilla Firefox, there most probably be a separate installation for the adware. Check Program and Features for any unusual softwares and uninstall them. If the program only wants to bug you, they will have a back up plan. I mean, in case you install the program it will install again by itself. To avoid this go to Start up folder in Windows and delete any unusual start up items. To open start up folder, search on Start and click on it to see items. 
If the adware is installed as a browser add on, go to the add-ons page on your browser and remove them. In Mozilla Firefox, you can open add-ons page by typing "about:addons' in the address bar. Click on Remove to remove them. You may have to restart Firefox to apply the changes.

If all these doesn't fix the issue, don't uninstall the browser and switch to another yet. There's one more thing you can try. This will work for sure if the adware is infected to the browser. we have to Refresh Mozilla Firefox. This is very easy to do. Type this "about:support" in the address bar and press enter. To the right side top, you'll see "Refresh Firefox". Click on Refresh Firefox and click on Refresh Firefox in the dialog box. Refreshing Firefox will remove add-ons installed and customizations. It will restore browser settings to their defaults. It will back up all your data to your desktop. So, if you want to keep any add-ons, you can just open that folder and drag the add-on to the add-ons page in Mozilla Firefox.

That's how you remove an adware from Firefox. I hope you were able to fix it. If you need any help, don't hesitate to leave a comment.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Remove Ban if You are Blocked on Websites

Most of the websites where people interact and post content like forums and chat rooms, they will have a system to block spammers. They will check for unusual behavior from the users. If you do anything against their rules, it is very likely they block you IP address. If they block you can't use that website anymore. Spammers are usually subjected to ban. At the same time some normal users too get blocked for no reason. The website mostly allows a contact form if you haven't done anything wrong. They claims that they will give access. But most of the time, the websites wouldn't respond to these messages. Thus you lost access to a website for no reason. But if there is a problem, there will be a solution too. You just have to find. I have found out what to do about this.

If you get banned for no reason, the best option is to contact them. If they doesn't respond in the time limit they say, you can try this methods to gain access to the websites. This method will work if your IP address is blocked and not if your account is blocked. For example, if your account get blocked on social networks or similar websites this method won't fix anything. The only way to regain access to your account is contacting the website.

There are two methods to about blocked websites. Some websites are blocked on certain countries due to some reasons. If you want to access a similar website, you can use Glype Proxy. It is a website similar to the VPN softwares which are used to mask IP addresses. This website allows you to visit website which are blocked in your country. Head out to their website and type in the URL you want to visit and click "Go". Visit

Glype proxy also can be used to unblock sites if your IP address is blocked. But it is difficult to use this service always. So, let's look at the next method. But this method won't work if the website is not available in your country.

Go to Control Panel and open Network and Sharing Centre. Click on Change adapter settings. Right click on the adapter you are using to connect your computer to Internet and click on Properties. Click on Networking and double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Click on "use the following IP address". Now, copy and paste this IP address "" to the IP address field. If you get a message "Malformed IP Address", just type it down normally. Click on OK. If you get a dialog box, just click OK. Click on OK again. Disconnect Internet connection and reconnect Internet. Now visit the website your IP was blocked. I haven't tried and confirmed this method is working on all websites. Anyway, it is worth a try. Good luck!

Comment if you have any trouble. That doesn't mean you can't comment if everything is fine. Thanks for your support!
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Monday, March 30, 2015

12 Tips to Save Internet Data on Your Computer

I don't know if this post is relevant today, Everyone has an unlimited internet plan! Anyway it would be useful in someway. This time I am sharing some tips to reduce internet data usage.

#1 Quit all unwanted programs while browsing.

#2 Disable automatic start up of unwanted programs from System configuration. Type "msconfig" in Run to open System configuration.

#3 Use an antivirus and maintain it updated. Scan regularly. Viruses may connect to internet.

#4 Turn off Windows update.

#5 Never stream video or audio files. If you really want it, download them. Because, if you download it, you can see it whenever you want. Else you would have to lose data again for streaming media files.

#6 Go to Services. Click on the service "Background Intelligent Transfer Service". Right click on it, click on Properties. Change the Start up type to Manual. Click on OK. This will save you a good amount of Internet data.

I want every drop of it!

This is going to be a little hard.

#7  Open Resource Monitor, you can open it by typing "resmon" in Run. In resource monitor, go to the Network tab, end all processes except your browser. You can end the process by right clicking on each process and clicking on "End process". Check often if any processes are using up your Internet connection. And end them if you want.
#8  Turn off images on your browser
In Mozilla Firefox, download Image Block plugin. Installing this plugin will add a button in your browser, with which you can toggle images on or off.
#9  Reduce Internet usage
Reduce browsing pages with lot of multimedia content. Use your internet balance wisely.

#10 On Facebook try to stay on Messages page instead of News feed. Thus you will have to spend very low data. Also change your settings to use low data on Facebook.

#11 Use mobile sites on your computer. Mobile sites use less data compared to original websites. But they will have limited features. In most cases, you'd have to change user agent in your browser to use mobile websites. In Mozilla Firefox you can easily switch user agent. Use the add on named User Agent Switche.

#12 Use a firewall software. Thus you can monitor and control all network activity of your computer. GlassWire Network Security is a free firewall program. Download it from their website:

That's all for now. If you have your own tricks to save internet data, please share them in comments.
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