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Why Following a Blogger On Twitter Is a Good Thing

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"A blogger is a multi-dimensional person with an exhaustive skill set and emotional stability caused due to low earnings, apathy from general society and Google Animal updates."
                                                                                                             Quote By Adithya Nath Jha
The quote is borrowed from the infographic "Why you should marry a blogger" made by Adithya Nath Jha.

The purpose of beginning this post with this quote is to give you a clear image of a typical blogger. Now you know what really a blogger is. In this post I'm going to explain why following a blogger on twitter can be a good thing.

First things first

You would always read blogs and you would've cared about the man behind all these. Now it's time, go and follow all your favorite bloggers on twitter. Make a list on twitter and add the bloggers you are following to it. Thus you can make sure that you never miss a post of your favorite bloggers.




They are not here to only to share their content their content on twitter. Bloggers also share their life events on twitter. Thus you get to know the blogger more.


Bloggers are most likely to follow back you. That's why they're there, to share their post and connect with audiences. This is the case of bloggers who are active on twitter. The famous bloggers are not going to follow back. The reason is they have other more important matters to deal with followers on twitter. Some bloggers may automate twitter to share their articles and never interact with users.



You will get the newest update on the topics of your interests. The bloggers will share their newest blog posts on twitter.



Bloggers also try to give you the most by sharing related articles that would be useful to you. So you will have to go nowhere else to search for more useful resources.



You can ask help for anything related to the blog's topics on twitter. Bloggers will be happy to help you out.



Bonus tips: More Interaction, more benefits



Tweet to them about how you liked their articles. We (bloggers) would love to hear your comments on the blog.



Introduce the blogger to your followers. May be you can do follow Friday with them.



Go to the followers page of the blogger's twitter profile. Now it's time to do some following! Follow some people of your interest. You followed a blogger because you are interested in his blog. So you are following people who shares same interests as yours. Therefore they also may follow you back (hopefully).

So you can start by following me on twitter: @SuvinMV. I also recommend following my blogger friends:

Michael Smith@MSmith0102
Technology and Entertainment

Elizabeth Hall@smartofficehelp
Smart Office Help
Social Media Management

Adithya Nath Jha@Inspire2Rise
Stay inspired to rise!

If you are a blogger share this article and let others know how following you can benefit them. Your responses are of most value to me, leave your opinion about my thought in comments.
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  1. OK...That's the reason you followed me :P Nice post :)

    1. May be it is :)
      Thanks Gaurab for stopping by for a comment! Visit often for more interesting articles.

  2. One more benefit in following bloggers on Twitter is that following them will make sure that you get to know about all the happenings in tech world. Be it some new gadget launching in the market, some ethical issue, taking a stand, some internet movement or any other tech cum informative stuff. Bloggers tend to keep close eye on all the tech happenings and are likely to share it with others, thats an additional benefit of following any blogger.

    1. I totally agree with you, Avinesh! Thanks for pointing that out :)

  3. I have to tell you that i stopped tweeting and don't even visit twitter now a days. I love sharing interesting posts on Google+ and my facebook page still.

    1. You have followers on twitter don't disappoint them! If you don't have time to spend on Twitter, connect your Feedburner to Twitter. Feedburner will tweet it for you:

  4. All good points. Building relationships online can start via Twitter or commenting. That's one powerful way to get noticed.

    1. OMG! You have 200K followers on Twitter!

      Thank you so much for the comment! Happy blogging!


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