Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How To Turn Your Phone Camera Into a Magnifier

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I found people asking for apps that can turn phone camera into magnifier on many forums. I wanted to take such photos too. I do not know about any application to do this. So I found a way for that. It might seem crazy and it works for sure. You don't have to worry about the phone's manufacturer, software and camera's resolution. Well here they don't matter! Do you have a phone with camera? If the answer is yes read on:

Requirements: A phone with a camera, some water

Yes, you read it right that's all needed to take magnified pictures with your phone. It is really easy to do. Just dip your finger in the water and put a tiny drop on the camera. Don't put too much water because water may get inside. Carefully place a tiny drop(as small as it doesn't flow off) of water on the camera. Wipe excess water with a cloth. And turn it downwards and now you can take magnified pictures. You can even take a picture of an ant! You just have to bring it to the right distance to get the perfect picture. Don't tilt the phone because the This method works best on phones with removable covers that also covers camera. The limitation is that you can't tilt the phone while taking photos. You can only position as the camera facing downwards or upwards.

Tips: Don't put the water on the camera for too much time because water can get inside. After taking pictures suddenly wipe off the water with a cloth. If you find droplets of water inside the camera, just show the camera in the sun for 10-20 seconds.

Warning: You may damage your phone if you don't do it right. Only do it after reading this post completely. Don't blame me if you damage your phone! I recommend to use less expensive phones.

I hope I have explained well. For any help leave a comment. Unfortunately I lost the photos I took. But I will be sharing some photos soon! I would love to see your photos. Share them in comments.


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