Saturday, May 10, 2014

6 Easy Steps to Get More Facebook Likes On Photos

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Get more Facebook likes on Facebook. Is there any trick to do that? The answer is no! But you can get more likes when you increase the reach. I'm going to explain how to increase the reach and thereby increase likes naturally. If you don't have many friends you are never going to get the likes you want. So first, add friends to your Facebook. I'm not saying to send friend requests to every people you see on Facebook like a spammer. A trend I see in Facebook is tagging so much people in all photos, thinking it will receive more likes. And that is really annoying. I will show you the best way to get more likes on Facebook:

Day 1

Step #1 Prepare your picture

Before uploading your picture, you have to make sure that picture is likable. Likable? I mean people should really like the picture to like it on Facebook. Use an image editing software edit the picture and make it look good. My suggestion is Picasa by Google. If you're familiar with Photoshop you could also use that. You can crop the image to remove the unwanted areas from your picture. You can blur the background to avoid distracting backgrounds. And simple tweaks like that. You can easily find countless tutorials on this on the internet. Also make sure your picture looks good enough when it is zoomed out (till it has become like a small thumbnail). That's how people see it if you make it your profile picture. Now that you have an awesome photo to upload, let's get on Facebook.

Step #2 THE TIME

This is an essential step in the whole thing so please don't try to skip this! We have to make sure that we will the photo will be reaching maximum number of your friends. So spend a day on Facebook to find "the time" most of your friends are online. It would probably in the night.

You need to do the following steps at the right time. The time I talked about in the above step!

Day 2

Step #3 Upload your photo

You've found out when more number of people are on Facebook, didn't you? Wait for "that time" to come to upload your photo. You have to include a title (or description or whatever you call it) when uploading the photo to Facebook. Make funny, cool or however you like it. If there more people than you in the photos, don't tag them yet!

Day 3

Step #4 Tag your picture

Tag you and the other friends on the photo. Now the picture is going to reach your friends of friends. Let's hope they like it too! Don't over use this! I know that tagging unwanted images can be really annoying. Only tag your friends who are in the photo. Also read: 11 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook=

Day 4

Step #5 "Like the photo"

Like the picture when "the time" comes. Now your friends are going to see that "Your friend likes a picture" notification in their news feed.

Day 5

Step #6 Make it your profile picture

Make that photo your profile picture and after that engage in groups, leave comments in photos and post by your friends. Of course they're going to notice you and your little profile picture (only if it is nice?).

Some rules you must follow all the time:
  • Never ignore a comment, reply them. It is really helpful to increase the reach. Your friends will see it in their newsfeeds.
  • Always try to be a nice guy on Facebook. This means you can't shout at the friend who didn't like the photo or left a comment saying so. Simply reply with a :-) or :-p emoticons. That’s was our first warning. When people cross the lines, you can always delete the comments. 
  • Comment and like other's photos. How're they going to care about you if you don't care about them!

Let's start right away and earn some likes. Take a moment to share this with your friends on Facebook or any social networks. Share your experiences in comments. You have another idea of getting likes share it with us in comments.


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