Saturday, May 24, 2014

12 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook

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Facebook is one of the biggest social networks in the world. I love it. Facebook is fun. Do you know why? It is because all your friends are there. So let's say friends are fun :)

Facebook not only lets us stay connected to our friends, but also to make new friends too. But have you ever thought of your friends on Facebook turning into your enemies? Be sure to avoid these to be the coolest guys on Facebook:

Accepting Friend Requests from Unknown People

This is the worst mistake Facebook users make. They clearly state that "Only accept friend requests from people you really know". Even though, the new guys on Facebook accept every friend request they receive. You have to remember that Facebook is unlike Twitter. While Twitter is a micro blogging platform where you read news, share and connect with people, Facebook is much more than that. So much personal data is shared in Facebook. Everyone would have completed their profiles with all details and a profile picture. When you are an active user and have strangers as "friends" on Facebook, you're sharing all your personal information and photos with them. They may be misused in the ways you never thought ever! Why have all this problems? Let's keep our entire friend list within our real friends :)
Note: You don't have to delete the friend requests from strangers. In case if you meet the person later in your life, you can add them at that time.

Sending Friend Request to Unknown People

So you should avoid accepting friend requests from strangers. So you can send friend request to strangers? No you shouldn't! You may say that you're not sharing personal information or photos on Facebook now. Does that make an exception from this? The answer is a no again :) If you decide to be active on Facebook, you're going to have a hard time removing these guys. We don't want that too!



Using upper case is considered to be rude. Because it appears as if the user is shouting. So don't use upper case in messages and statuses. At the same time, make good use of it when it's necessary ;)


Mixed Upper case and Lower case

Another bizarre trend I saw in my friends was using upper case and lower case letters mixed in statuses. I have to say that this is really annoying! For example "TrY tO ReAd tHIs". It's hard to read, right? Let's avoid this kind of texts from our usage in social media.


Not Replying To Messages

This is really bad! Not replying to people really hurts them. People send you messages, because they want to talk. What happens when you do not reply? They're going to get mad at you! What to do? You're the one that added them, and you're asking me!

⚫ If you're busy online and don't want to chat, turn off chat. Or you can turn off chat for specific people. 

⚫ If you can't reply them now, send a message "I'm busy, catch you later!” Something like that! If that is too not possible, message him/her the next time you use Facebook.



Using Short forms in Messages

I don't say to completely avoid this. It can be helpful mainly if you're on the phone. The problem is sometimes it creates confusion to the recipient. So avoid these short forms whenever you can.


Posting annoying Comments

Posting comments and statuses humiliating friends is not cool at all. Try to be nice to people online.


Fighting Fire with Fire

Replying with rude comments in reply to rude comments is never a solution. If someone leaves a rude comment, delete the comment and warn the user. If they do this again, block them.


Link Spamming

If you have a blog, you will be sharing all your content on Facebook. It is a good thing, but you should also share related content you find over the web. Using profiles to promote just their site instead of sharing diverse is called spamming, if you didn't know! So let's follow the 2/4 rule of social media sharing here. That is, for every two posts you share of your content, you have to share 4 posts of other related contents. And don't share posts always like a spammer. It is best to use Buffer to schedule shares.


Adding People to groups

Making a group for no reason is a bad idea. Even if it is for a good cause, ask for permission before adding your friends to groups.


Tagging in Posts and Photos

Tagging all the friends in posts and photos even when they have no connection is also annoying. They do this to get more likes on their post! That is one stupid idea to get likes on Facebook. Read how you can get likes without annoying other, "6 Easy Steps to Get More Facebook Likes On Photos"


Messaging Requesting Likes

Crooked, but this one really works for getting likes. But it is because they have fed up with your requests :) We don't want to annoy our friends. Check out link above to know how to get more likes on Facebook.

So let's try to avoid these mistakes and be a social media rock star! Also share your experiences on Facebook with us in comments.


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