Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Fix Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Launch Game Button Faded

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Prince of Persia Warrior: Within is one of the coolest games from Ubisoft. I love that game. I used to play it on my friend's computer. But when I installed POP WW on my computer comes the issue. The issue was with the game launcher. I couldn't play the game. I looked on the internet for a solution. But failure was the result. What happened then? The miracle! I found the solution (accidently). But that doesn't matter here. My trick will allow us to bypass the launcher. Now let's get to the method:

In the POP warrior Within sometimes we see the launch game button is faded off and we can no longer play the game! I really don't know what causes this. The POP Warrior Within game is started through the config app in the game directory with file name "PrinceOfPersia.exe". You know that game can only be started from the config app. The System must meet the minimum requirements to play Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Make sure you have the POP WW play disc inserted and try again. Try starting the Config app as administrator by right click > Run as Administrator. If you still can't start game, open the Config app and leave it there. Now open the 'POP.exe' or 'POP2.exe' file, then the game should have started now. The Prince of Persia WW has compatibility issues with the newer processors and Video Cards. If you try all these and does not help at all please check the Ubisoft Website supported hardware. If you think that's not it you can also try reinstalling the game.

Note: Even if the game launcher says your computer can't run the game, you can try to make the game run with the method I said. My computer had twice resources than the minimum requirements, but the launcher says no to run the game. But, now Friwiz says: YES! There is nothing impossible. Enjoy the game people!


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