Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Fix Subtitles Not Showing Up in KM Player

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If the subtitles are not showing, there are two possibilities. The file may be corrupt or KMPlayer is not configured correctly. First turn on subtitles - Right click in the KMP window, click on Subtitles > Show/Hide Subtitles. Now the subtitles are activated. If you have subtitle file, it should be showing now. But if there is no subtitle present or is not configured properly, it won't work. The easiest way to setup subtitles is to rename the subtitle to same name as the video file and keep them in same location. For example, if the video file is test.mkv, then the subtitle file should be named and kept in same folder. If the subtitle file is in another location, right click on KMP window, Subtitles > Load Subtitle... and browse for the file. Now the subtitle will run.

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