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Genius SW-M2.1 350 Speakers Review with full specificatons

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It's my first 2.1 speakers. I didn't find a good review on the internet about Genius SW-M2.1 350 Speakers. So from my first 2.1 speaker experience I decided to write a review on my system. Let’s first look at the Product specifications:

RMS: 11 watts (THD=10%)
- Subwoofer: 6 watts
- Satellite: 2.5 watts
S/N Ratio: 85dB
Speaker drivers:
- Subwoofer: 3.5" 8 ohm
- Satellite: 2" 4 ohm
Frequency response: 65Hz~20 KHz
Power source: AC switching transformer (100V~240V)
Dimension (W x H x D mm):
- Subwoofer: 152 x 213 x 171 mm
- Satellite: 68.2 x 101.7 x 57.8 mm

The Package contents:
>Two speakers (satellite)
>One Subwoofer
>One audio cable
>Multi-language user's language

Other Features:
>Volume control
>Bass control
>Headphone jack
>Small speakers

Genius SW-M2.1 350 Speakers is a nice 2.1 sound system delivering good sound. But before buying please read this completely. It has two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Satellite speaker means it produces high frequencies only. This is doesn't affect the performance of the system though. The subwoofer does produce good bass. The speakers are connected to one of the two 3.5 mm jacks at the back of the subwoofer. The other is the input which can be connected to a PC, phones or any other devices with 3.5 mm jack. The subwoofer also has a power indicator in the front. The port (the port that allows airflow from the inside) of the subwoofer is in front. Near there is the headphone jack, bass and volume controls. They are at the front side which is easy to use. When that headphone is plugged in, the speaker and subwoofer mutes and plays through the headphone. And one good feature is that it has a bass control. The advantage of the bass control is that it will be useful when you are watching movies at low volumes. At low volumes the voices (I mean talking) may not be clearly heard due to high bass. So you can turn the knob to half way so that vocals are clearly audible. While listening to music or movies at high volumes you can turn up the bass and enjoy the full bass experience. There is also a blue colored power indicator. Then there is the volume control. It also serves as the on-off switch. You turn it all the way to the left, that's off. I don't have to explain much about the volume control, right? The ported subwoofer is made of wood and fully covered.

That is all about the features and advantages. Let’s now look at the other side:
>The subwoofer is of ported type. But the port is not protected. It can be problem that something might get inside and cause trouble. So when not in use cover up the subwoofer with a cloth so that insects may not get inside.
>The power indicator light is too bright.

My experience:
I'm using this currently in my house. I have connected it to my computer. It does deliver good sound. Actually I bought it because the guy at the shop said it was good. You really should never listen to the guys at the shops. It’s good enough for me anyway. If you're deciding buy something first look on the internet for its details and read user reviews. I connected the system to my computer and it was working fine. But next day the left speaker doesn't produce sound. I interchanged the pins that connected the subwoofer and computer. Then it was working fine. The power indicator on the subwoofer was annoying for me because I have placed it near my screen. I covered the light with a paper. I disconnected the speakers to check the working of the subwoofer. At maximum bass and volume there was some rattling noise from the subwoofer. I don't know if it's a defect. The noise is only heard at maximum bass and volume. But when the speakers are connected the noise is not audible.

The Genius SW-M2.1 350 is a nice set of speakers. It is worth the price - Not the best, but not bad (I love it).There also a 2.1 system from CREATIVE within this price range. I recommend you may check it out too. I have tried to be accurate of the dates available at the time. How do you like the review? Share your views in comments.


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