Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Install GRUB Boot loader

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GRUB is the Boot loader installed with Ubuntu. If you have GRUB and it is not working properly you can repair it using the Ubuntu Installation DVD. Insert the DVD while booting and press F12 to select the device to boot. From that select your CD Drive (It must be the name of the model of the CD drive).Now the DVD will boot. Then select Try Ubuntu. Now Ubuntu will start up. Open Terminal from Applications>Accessories>Terminal. Type "sudo -i". Now type your password if it asks. Type "update grub”. You have to find the name of the partition which Ubuntu is installed. That can be founded by typing "fdisk -l". Then type "grub-install /dev/x". The x should be replaced by the name of the partition which Ubuntu is installed. (For example, mine was "grub-install /dev/sda9"). It worked for me. If this doesn't help, you could also try re-installing Ubuntu. Suggestions or for any help on doubts, you can leave a comment.


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