Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to fix Road Rash display problems with Windows

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Road Rash is the motorcycle-racing game from Electronic Arts. Road Rash is also available in PC. Road Rash is a bit old game but still fun to play. Road Rash is one of the best games of all time. It will work perfectly on low end systems. But in Windows 7 and later version there seems to be some compatibility issues. The game can be opened and played; the problem is with the display. When a race begins the colours becomes all distorted. But the game runs without any other errors. The same thing is happening with Windows 8 too I think. I think the real trouble with the Graphics drivers. My friend with same O.S as mine doesn't have this issue. So first update display drivers using Windows update or from the respective websites of display adapter manufacturer. If this doesn't fix the issue or you do not want to do not want to update it move to the next step. Yes here is a simple way to fix the issue. First terminate the process "explorer.exe" from Task manager and run the game using Task manager itself. For running the game, from file click on New task. And browse to the game executable and click OK. Now the game will run without any display problems. After the game is run the program will restart the Windows Explorer using Run. Type in run "explorer" to run Windows Explorer. So that everything is back the way it was (i.e. Windows). Enjoy the game.


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