Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bass boost in Windows: Two Speaker System Tweak for PC

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Bass boost is one of the Enhancements available in Windows for audio. This feature is only available with the Windows generic audio driver. This option is not available when you have installed a sound driver like VIA Audio. Equalizer option which gives the same effect is available with these drivers. With bass boost you can increase boost of one frequency playing on the computer. If you've got good sound systems on your computer it'll be better to leave this disabled. If you have a two speaker system, (and no subwoofers) you may get good results. Open the Sound from Control panel or right click on volume control in the task bar and open Playback. Double click on the device to open it. The Bass Boost can be enabled in the Enhancements tab. Check the box next to Bass Boost (Note that if you don't find this you have installed some sound driver.).Then click Apply. You can customize the settings by clicking on More Settings. Here you can adjust the frequency and loudness.80 hertz is set as default settings. You can change it if you want.90 and 95 hertz are also sounding good for me. You may change as you like. If you increase the level to 24 dB you may get a good sound. But when you increase the volume on the device to max there will be distortion. If there is distortion you have to decrease the levels. You can revert to default settings by clicking on Restore Defaults. It can be disabled by un-checking the box and clicking on apply. Suggestions or for any help on doubts, you can leave a comment.


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