Thursday, May 8, 2014

How To Fix Photoshop not Loading Images

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Photoshop is the perfect software for editing pictures. Photoshop CS5 is not working well in low end systems without the correct preferences. Sometimes the images are not loaded or it is not displayed correctly (when we open images in Photoshop).It can be fixed by changing the performance preferences. But this won’t do any good if your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for running Photoshop CS5. Open Performance settings from Edit>Preferences>Performance. Set the Memory Usage to a value suggested in the ideal value. And for the History & Cache, the default would be enough. In the GPU settings enabling OpenGL will be only available if your video card supports OpenGL drawing. Or if it supports OpenGL and still the settings aren't available try updating the Video card drivers. When OpenGL is enabled a few features and enhancements are activated. And the Advanced settings also will be available now. There is OpenGL mode and V-Sync and Anti Aliasing in the Advanced Settings. The Basic mode is suitable for low end PCs. And the Vertical Sync and Anti Aliasing can be turned off. Now try opening an image in Photoshop. If it's not loaded and displayed correctly, try also disabling OpenGL Drawing. If the images are loading properly and if just the performance is low you can also turn off OpenGL Drawing. And now the Photoshop is ready to run on your computer. Suggestions or for any help on doubts, you can leave a comment.


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