Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Fix Error Updating Boot Configuration in Windows

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Can’t Install Windows? If you see an error that says "Error updating boot configuration" this would help. So you were installing Windows with the installation disc and at the end what you get is just the error message, right? You can still fix that! You don't have to try again because you are going to get the same every time you do! You have installed Windows now (I mean you have tried and got an error). For your knowledge, even though you got an error after the installation, the Windows have really installed on your computer now. We just have to get it to start. The problem we have now is the error with the boot configuration. I'm going to tell you how to fix that. Read on:

Info: Boot configuration is something that makes Windows start properly. That's all you need to know now.

Note: You have to be really patient as the whole process may take up to an hour (including installing Windows, if you installed already no need to do that again).

You still have that Windows installation disc with you, right? That’s because you need it to repair the boot configuration. Insert the disc and restart your computer. The booting of the device will be according to the BIOS settings. If the DVD/CD drive hasn't been set as the first device to boot the Windows setup will not will not start. Press F8 on the keyboard to select the device to boot. You have to select DVD/CD drive if you use Installation disc or Removable media if you use a pen drive to install Windows. Now you will see a screen saying "Windows Setup Loading". After you have to select the language and click next. Now you get a screen with "Install" and "Repair Windows". Click on Repair Windows to continue. Now a window will come up and start checking your computer for errors. You have to wait for a long time (like 10-15 minutes according to the speed of your drive). Now it will search and find your halfway Windows installation. Then you will get a dialog "Restart and Repair the errors?" You have to click on yes. Now Windows will restart and fix the damaged installation. You will see many screens saying repairing, preparing desktop all that stuff. After that Windows will startup normally and you can remove the disc. That was really easy, right? At least you saved some money you were going to pay who were going to "fix your computer"!

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