Thursday, September 11, 2014

9 Hidden Image Effects in Picasa (plus the star trick)

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Picasa from Google is an awesome software to organize all your photos on your computer. If you haven't used it yet, you might be thinking "Isn't that the Photo sharing site of Google?" Of course it is. But there is also a software which can be used to organizing photos on your computer. For the ones who hasn't yet tried it, I prefer it for dealing with pictures. It is a freeware. It also includes a photo viewer, which is whole lot better that Windows photo viewer in my opinion. If you don't have it, download it from here. It is not some big software, definitely the size installer will be less than 20 MB.

I'll first go through the features of Picasa. If you are already know about these, you can skip to the content in the next paragraph. Why? Because, I know everyone hates to read :) Picasa can organize photos into albums, edit them, share on the Internet etc. It can be used to straighten, crop, red eye removal, light correction, everything you need is there. Another cool feature Picasa includes is face detection. It can recognize faces in photos an categorize them automatically. And Picasa is really good at this. If you say this isn't enough, this is not for you! Compared to the difficult methods of Photoshop, this is heaven. Any average computer user can learn and use it. Picasa has simple interface and has click to enable effects. Your photos will never be the same from now on. Now you know, you don't need to be a graphic designer or something to make cool photo effects like your friend's photos on Facebook!

You'll need Picasa 3.9 or higher for this "trick". I don't know if anyone already know this, the help file of Picasa is online. So I never cared to check. I believe you have set up Picasa. If you have not yet, check out help on the Internet (I mean press F1 with Picasa open). So let's begin. First open a picture in Picasa. Now you have the picture on the centre and the editing options to the left side. There are five tabs there. The first tab is "Commonly needed fixes" which includes the crop, red eye removal etc. The second tab is "Finely-tuned colour and lighting fixes". And the rest of the three tabs are the image effects. There is 36 effects in three tabs. If you want, have a quick look at the three of them. Now press and hold Shift key on your keyboard. Now you'll see,the names of some effects have changed their names. Actually these are the variations of the original image effects. In these three tabs, there is 9 of extra effects. So change tabs and try pressing down Shift key. Here is a screenshot of the change. The right image shows the effects with Shift key pressed.

Bonus TRICK: The stars
What's more beautiful than a night sky full of stars? I love the stars! But, we won't be making a sky, we're going to make some stars in Picasa. If you've been using it long enough, you would have seen a star at the bottom. It is for marking as Favourite or something. When you click on it, a star pops up on the screen. Now it's time for the trick:

Open a picture in Picasa. Now press and hold space bar on your keyboard. You'll see the stars coming continuously. It is cool, right ;)

Now you got the software, all the effects. Now make some awesome edits to your photos. And if you are going to upload it to Facebook, I have one more thing for you: "6 Easy Steps to Get More Facebook Likes On Photos". I hope you enjoyed my post, and don't forget to leave a comment.


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