Monday, March 30, 2015

12 Tips to Save Internet Data on Your Computer

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I don't know if this post is relevant today, Everyone has an unlimited internet plan! Anyway it would be useful in someway. This time I am sharing some tips to reduce internet data usage.

#1 Quit all unwanted programs while browsing.

#2 Disable automatic start up of unwanted programs from System configuration. Type "msconfig" in Run to open System configuration.

#3 Use an antivirus and maintain it updated. Scan regularly. Viruses may connect to internet.

#4 Turn off Windows update.

#5 Never stream video or audio files. If you really want it, download them. Because, if you download it, you can see it whenever you want. Else you would have to lose data again for streaming media files.

#6 Go to Services. Click on the service "Background Intelligent Transfer Service". Right click on it, click on Properties. Change the Start up type to Manual. Click on OK. This will save you a good amount of Internet data.

I want every drop of it!

This is going to be a little hard.

#7  Open Resource Monitor, you can open it by typing "resmon" in Run. In resource monitor, go to the Network tab, end all processes except your browser. You can end the process by right clicking on each process and clicking on "End process". Check often if any processes are using up your Internet connection. And end them if you want.
#8  Turn off images on your browser
In Mozilla Firefox, download Image Block plugin. Installing this plugin will add a button in your browser, with which you can toggle images on or off.
#9  Reduce Internet usage
Reduce browsing pages with lot of multimedia content. Use your internet balance wisely.

#10 On Facebook try to stay on Messages page instead of News feed. Thus you will have to spend very low data. Also change your settings to use low data on Facebook.

#11 Use mobile sites on your computer. Mobile sites use less data compared to original websites. But they will have limited features. In most cases, you'd have to change user agent in your browser to use mobile websites. In Mozilla Firefox you can easily switch user agent. Use the add on named User Agent Switche.

#12 Use a firewall software. Thus you can monitor and control all network activity of your computer. GlassWire Network Security is a free firewall program. Download it from their website:

That's all for now. If you have your own tricks to save internet data, please share them in comments.


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