Friday, April 17, 2015

7 Mistakes You Make That Could Damage Your Computer

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I know you'll be curious with the title of the post. The title itself is a warning guys, never try to see if it is true. I have run into or seen all these situations.

Fake virus pranks are fun. But, it doesn't always end happily. You probably be using batch programs. It is possible to format, shutdown, copy and do all kinds of crazy things with them. So, you have to know what you are doing.

Remove and add drive address from the Disk management, you have crashed the boot loader. The Windows will work normally, until you shutdown. But when you start your computer next time, it won't start up. You will have to use the Windows disc to repair it.

Formatting the system drive from another Operating System you installed side by side to Windows. This is similar to the above scenario. But one difference, you would have to reinstall Windows. Even if you had two versions of Windows, without bootloader none would work.

You also have to be careful when repartitioning the hard disk. One wrong click to lose it all!

Ending system processes can be fun! Sometimes it can crash your computer too! Some processes shows a warning sign that "Acess Denied". But some can be ended using TasK Manager. The dwm.exe process is the Desktop Window Manager process. If you end that process the screen will black out and becomes noramal within a second or two. It is not the same with all the processes. Some processes can seriously affect your computer. Ending system processes can mess up your internet connection, sometimes may crash your computer instantly. I don't want you guys to try this. I'm sure that you will end up with interesting results.


Deleting system files can also end in messing up the whole system. Most probably you would have to reinstall Windows to fix system files missing. That is why it is good to turn on "Hide protected operating system files" in Folder options. Thus we can avoid accidental deletion of system files.

Connecting removable storage media to a computer without anti-virus. What harm can a virus do to a computer? You have no idea about that! A virus infected. my system from a usb storage device or software. It caused system start up failure. I had to reinstall Windows to fix things. Well, this happened several times. The virus is still on my computer. Of course we don't want this to happen. I had anti-virus installed when my computer was infected. So, now you know that keeping it updated is also important.

Configuring the component services should be done with care. Search on the internet before stopping or changing its start up settings. Wrong settings can result can cause failure of peripheral devices and maybe Windows features.

If you already got in trouble, read my computer troubleshooting posts:

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The issues I listed in these post can cause temporary/permanent damage to your computer or software. So, please try to avoid attempting them.


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