Friday, April 3, 2015

How to Remove Adwares From Mozilla Firefox

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Adwares are programs that shows advertisements when you use them. They can be softwares which may be not free. If you use that software they would show advertisements in them. Most of the legit softwares remove that advertisements if you pay for that software. They usually not harmful to users. But, There are also malwares which install these programs without your permission. The reason why I'm writing this post is that, I came across this situation once. When I use Mozilla Firefox, I was seeing advertisements all over. It was from an installer of a software. But the installer didn't install the software I wanted. Anyway I got free advertisements in my browser. I got to tell you, it was very difficult to use the browser like that.

If you want to remove that adware, remove the software that came from. If you don't know which is that software, just restore to a recent restore point using Backup and Restore in Windows.

If the adware is integrated to Mozilla Firefox, there most probably be a separate installation for the adware. Check Program and Features for any unusual softwares and uninstall them. If the program only wants to bug you, they will have a back up plan. I mean, in case you install the program it will install again by itself. To avoid this go to Start up folder in Windows and delete any unusual start up items. To open start up folder, search on Start and click on it to see items. 
If the adware is installed as a browser add on, go to the add-ons page on your browser and remove them. In Mozilla Firefox, you can open add-ons page by typing "about:addons' in the address bar. Click on Remove to remove them. You may have to restart Firefox to apply the changes.

If all these doesn't fix the issue, don't uninstall the browser and switch to another yet. There's one more thing you can try. This will work for sure if the adware is infected to the browser. we have to Refresh Mozilla Firefox. This is very easy to do. Type this "about:support" in the address bar and press enter. To the right side top, you'll see "Refresh Firefox". Click on Refresh Firefox and click on Refresh Firefox in the dialog box. Refreshing Firefox will remove add-ons installed and customizations. It will restore browser settings to their defaults. It will back up all your data to your desktop. So, if you want to keep any add-ons, you can just open that folder and drag the add-on to the add-ons page in Mozilla Firefox.

That's how you remove an adware from Firefox. I hope you were able to fix it. If you need any help, don't hesitate to leave a comment.


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