Friday, July 3, 2015

Virus Infections And What To Do About Them

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From my experience, there is no anti virus program that can protect your computer perfectly. Today's viruses are disabling anti viruses itself. I'm not saying that you  should not use an anti virus. I highly recommend you use one, let it be free or paid. You are not done yet! The anti virus program must be updated to deliver the best protection. And I see, still viruses can get away from these anti viruses. Check this list to find if your computer is infected

Common symptoms:

  • Unknown entries in the start up list of Windows
  • Executable files getting created when you run programs (This can also happen in removable medias)
  • Files/folders in removable media disappears
  • Programs functioning weird (failing to start/crashing/hanging up)
  • You see multiple processes of the programs in task manager (eg. When you run Mozilla Firefox, you see more than one instance of firefox.exe in task manager's processes list)
  • Random programs using your internet connection

Virus affected anti virus:

  • Anti virus not starting at Windows start up 
  • Anti virus program can't run
  • Anti virus protection gets disabled
  • Security exceptions for programs/IP addresses get created in them without your knowledge
  • Virus scans do not detect any malware (this also may occur if your computer is not infected)
  • Virus scans detecting all files as malwares

Well, that is the list of symptoms I've seen. And I have removed all of them. I have tried many anti virus programs. All of them worked fine, but couldn't detect all of the viruses. I've tried Avast, AVG, Malware bytes Anti Malware. They were able to detect and remove most virus infections. But couldn't protect themselves against the viruses. You'll come across this situation now or then, it's true. There is no perfect anti virus.

But, there is one program can help you when all anti virus programs fail: Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. It can remove virus infections completely from your computer. But it is not a replacement to an anti virus program. Updated versions are available every month or so. And the best thing about it: it's free!

Go to Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool download page

Run a customized scan on the system drive (C:).

It may take hours to complete scan, but it does the job! If you want, you could also do a full system scan which is what they recommend. And don't forget to use an updated anti virus program. Which anti virus programs are you using? Share your experiences with anti viruses and viruses.


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