Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to Make your Computer Less Boring

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This is going to be interesting and let's start right away:


Some things got to change, We will customize your computer first:

Change the wallpaper

That sounds simple! You probably would be using the same Windows theme since it was installed! Change it to something cool, let it be your favorite film artwork, game wallpaper, personal photos or anything.


Live Wallpapers

You didn't know this right? You might have seen them in smart phones, but not in computers. Look up on Google.



Customize the Windows theme you are using. Change it totally! Right click on Desktop > Personalize. Here you can customize themes. I wrote a blog post on How To Save To Disk And Transfer Windows Themes


Use the “Gadgets”

Windows has a feature called gadgets, I think Windows 8 doesn't have this. I thought it slowed down my system, so I didn't use it.


Screen Savers

Screen savers are so cool! My favorite is the “Matrix” effect from the movie. You won't believe how much free screen savers are available on the Internet.

Windows Explorer

Let's customize Windows Explorer too!

Customize Icons

Did you know that the icons in Windows explorer are also customizable? You can change the folder icons. Right click on a folder, go to customize tab, click on Change Icon. Browse for the file and open it. When you change the default folder icon, the preview of files won't be shown on the folder. The file has to be a icon file(.ico). You can use an image converter software for this. XnConvert is the best freeware image converter. The icons such as the Drives, My Computer etc also can be changed. For that read the next section:


Yeah I know, I already mentioned about themes in the Desktop section! There is also another kind of themes, they change your computer totally; Wallpapers, icons, pointers, everything that is customizable. One of such themes is the Mac theme for Windows. Mac theme as it says gives the layout of Mac to your Windows PC. It works on Windows 7 and higher. It is available for free I believe. But, Mac theme is CPU/Graphic resources hungry! It slowed down my system, so I had to get rid of that even though I liked it.


Organize files

First you got to organize files on your computer. Well, I'm here to help! Read my post on organizing files on your computer: How to organize files in your computer


Enough with customizing stuff! Let's improve your computer's performance. I wrote a blog post on this topic, read it: 20 Awesome Tips to Boost the Performance of Your Computer

Now it's time for the END of the post tips:

The blog post's title was “How to Make Your Computer Less Boring”. I hope these tips helped you! But I'm not done yet; If you got so much time with your computer here's what you can do:

Get creative:

  • Make images with Paint in Windows. If you have experience, you can use Photoshop. You can make awesome wallpapers on your own.

Play video games:

Now you got your computer customized and optimized it's performance. In other words YOU MADE IT LESS BORING! Do whatever you want now! Go on the Internet, act crazy on social networks and stuff. Visit my blog often, if you like my blog posts. Without your support I can't continue with blogging.


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